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It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything here, I’ve almost forgotten about this place. I have a few other websites and blogs and twitters and a book of faces, of course, and I mainly just use this space to hold onto my brand, my screen name “St3v3piper,” and as a place to keep these few old keep-sake posts, digital memories, and all. I love the WordPress software and hosting system, and use it elsewhere whenever I can, but I mostly blog on the other platform, and build my own websites on my own hosting for other purposes. So consider this a long-winded set-up for a list of links, oldest thing on the net, that. :^D

My Homepage: www.StevePiper.net

is the root of my web live. I’ve tweaked it out a little bit to there may be a reason to visit, other than finding my favorite links there. If you tweet, there’s my Random Tweet Generator, that’s filled with what may be jokes. You can tweet them as is, or edit them to your needs first. Then, for the eye-candy-aholics in all of us, there’s also a Random Meme Generator, that presents a randomly-selected graphic meme–LOLcats, inspirational, thought-provoking, political, more. The trick with my “Random Generators” page is every time you reload the page, it serves up a fresh random tweet and a fresh meme. And there’s lots, plus I add new one’s almost every day. I have to admit, I love the meme format. It is particularly well-suited to today’s face-paced, high-demand lifestyle. The random meme is also easily shared to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, with a single click.

I have a few blogs, and they are:

My Personal Blog

My Poetry Blog

My Computing Blog

My Hot Rod and Motorcycle Pictures Blog

My Twitter

Y’all remember that it’s dangerous out there on the Internet all alone at night, so that’s another reason to drop on by one of my places! Well, that, and I need the advertising revenue! ROTFL »^.,.^« ttfn!


Written by st3v3piper

June 11, 2012 at 9:51 pm